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PON-&-LECA MIX - Semi-Hydro Substrate 1.5L

PON-&-LECA MIX - Semi-Hydro Substrate 1.5L

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Discover the Revolution in Plant Care with PON-N-LECA MIX

Introducing LOFSA PON-N-LECA MIX, a groundbreaking alternative to traditional soil and potting mixes, designed to transform the way you care for your houseplants. This innovative, hand-mixed mineral substrate offers a semi-hydroponic environment that caters to the effective growth of all plant types. With its unique blend of volcanic pumice, lava rocks, zeolite, and LECA the PON-N-LECA MIX is the future of indoor plant care.

Why Choose PON-N-LECA MIX?

PON-N-LECA MIX stands out for its exceptional benefits, making it a superior choice for plant enthusiasts seeking ease, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in their gardening practices:

Mess-Free Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassle of soil spills. PON-N-LECA MIX ensures a clean and tidy gardening experience.

Universal Compatibility: Perfect for a wide range of plants, from Hoya to Monstera, ensuring your indoor garden thrives.

Pest Prevention: Creates an unwelcoming environment for Fungus Gnats, safeguarding your home from infestations.

Optimal Drainage and Aeration: Promotes healthy root growth by balancing moisture and air flow, preventing overwatering and root rot.

Longevity and Reusability: Unlike traditional potting mixes, PON-N-LECA MIX does not degrade over time, offering enduring performance and sustainability. Simply sterilise your mix by letting it stand in boiling water, until the water cools. You can then use this Mix again and again!

Aesthetic Appeal: Its visually appealing composition adds a touch of elegance to your plant displays.


Ensure that you rinse the mix thoroughly before use to get rid of the dust. You can either use the mix to convert your existing indoor plant to the PON-N-LECA MIX or you can use it to propagate your cuttings straight in the mix.

To switch your existing houseplant the PON-N-LECA MIX simply wash the roots of your plant thoroughly, ensuring no soil is left on the roots. Once done replant your houseplant in the PON-N-LECA MIX. The plant might look a bit sad to start of with, but with time, if done correctly it should start growing and pushing out new growth.

Specially Formulated for Your Indoor Oasis

At the heart of PON-N-LECA MIX are its premium ingredients - volcanic pumice and lava rocks (Red & Black Scoria / Lava Rock) chosen for their moisture-retention qualities, and zeolites for nutrient access. LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) is a semi-hydroponic medium. These baked clay balls efficiently wick and retain water, gradually releasing it to plant roots. Ensuring optimal hydration without the risk of root suffocation.

Please note, to give the grower the flexibility, there is no slow-release fertiliser in this mix. If you like, before usage you can add your own slow-release fertiliser. Or you can use liquid fertilisers in your water reservoir such as Growth Technology Foliage Focus, or Clonex Clone Solution for your propagations.

Transform Your Plant Care Today

PON-N-LECA MIX is more than just a growing medium; it's a commitment to the health and beauty of your indoor garden. Experience the difference with this all-encompassing solution for plant care and growth.

Embark on a journey to greener, healthier indoor spaces with PON-N-LECA MIX, where beauty meets functionality in plant care.

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