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leafy™ Moss Poles Honeycomb Clear

leafy™ Moss Poles Honeycomb Clear

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Introducing leafy™ Moss Poles 2.0 from The Leafy Brand – Elevate your plant parenting game with our innovative design and enhanced features! 🌿✨

Ideal for tiny seedlings and cuttings, the leafy™ Moss Pole Mini boasts two rows of honeycomb cutouts for optimal support. Perfect for those slow-growing beauties! 🌱

Step up to the leafy™ Moss Pole Small, equipped with three rows of honeycomb cutouts and adjustable thickness for small to medium-sized plants. Slow growth? No problem! 🌿📏

Unleash the leafy™ Moss Pole Medium, featuring four rows of honeycomb cutouts and adjustable thickness for medium to large plants or speedy climbers. Let your plants thrive! 🌳💪

Go big with the leafy™ Moss Pole Large, boasting five rows of honeycomb cutouts and adjustable thickness – the perfect choice for large plants and fast-growing climbers. Reach new heights! 🌿🚀

**What's New in 2.0 Honeycomb?**
- Redesigned 2.0 legs for enhanced stability.
- Smaller cut-out holes secure compact mediums effortlessly.
- Upgraded clip-in tabs with rounded edges for easy plant propagation.
- Stackable and extendable, ensuring compatibility with previous versions. 🔄🌐

- Large: Width 10cm, Height 63.5cm (including legs)
- Medium: Width 8cm, Height 45cm (including legs)
- Small: Width 6cm, Height 39.5cm (including legs)
- Mini: Width 4.5cm, Height 34cm (including legs)

**Extendable Wonder:**
All leafy™ Moss Poles are extendable! Simply slide a new pole into the existing one, allowing a 7cm-10cm overlap for stability. Grow with your plant! 🌱➕

**Versatile Substrates:**
Fill your pole with Sphagnum moss, tree fern fiber, aroid mix, orchid bark, or LECA – whatever keeps the substrate moist for those thriving aerial roots! 💦🌿

**Securing Your Plant:**
Let your plant embrace the pole with its aerial roots or use plant pins/velcro tape for stabilization before full establishment. Grow confidently! 🌱📌

Growing medium not included – only the premium moss pole is part of your purchase. Elevate your green space today! 🛍️🌿 
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