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Leaf of Faith SA

leafy™ Acrylic plant stakes

leafy™ Acrylic plant stakes

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Introducing Leafy's Acrylic Plant Stakes by The Leafy Brand – where Strength meets Elegance! 🌿 Crafted from resilient acrylic, these stakes defy rust, rot, and mold, ensuring longevity that outshines glass alternatives. Their superior durability and feather-light design redefine plant support.

Perfect for securing plants and enhancing delicate stems and blooms, these stakes boast a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly complements your tropical foliage.
🌺 Choose from two convenient lengths (30cm and 50cm) to elevate your plant nurturing experience.

For optimal results, pair these stakes with our velcro tape or clear clips – the perfect companions for a seamless plant support solution. 🌟

Note: Plant and pot in the photo are for demonstration purposes only.
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