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Leaf of Faith SA

leafy™ Acrylic U-Shape Plant Trellis Clear

leafy™ Acrylic U-Shape Plant Trellis Clear

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🌿 Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our transparent trellises from The Leafy Brand, seamlessly blending with your plants' lush foliage for a magical garden experience!

🌟 Enhance their natural beauty without overpowering – let your plants shine as the rockstars they were destined to be.

Crafted from resilient acrylic, these trellises redefine durability, ensuring a waterproof design that banishes concerns of rust or decay. Each 6mm thick trellis provides robust support, embracing the perfect fusion of aesthetics and utility for your green companions! 🌱💧

The Leafy U shape trellis is tailor-made for cascading plants like Hoyas, Pothos, Scindapsus, Monsteras, or Philodendrons, offering ideal support for climbing and entwining.

Pair these trellises with our clear clips or velcro tape for a complete gardening solution. 🌿✨

- Large: Height 45cm, Width 14.6cm
- Medium: Height 40cm, Width 10.6cm
- Small: Height 35cm, Width 7cm

Elevate your gardening game with the perfect blend of style and functionality! 🌼🌳

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Customer Reviews

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Caryl Williams
Great additions to my plant growing enterprises!

Good quality, well packed, on time, priced well!