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Grow Vertical Moss Poles*

Grow Vertical Moss Poles*

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Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional quality of these poles from Grow Vertical. The sheer thickness and unwavering sturdiness of these poles are unmatched by any others in the market. What sets them apart is the meticulous attention to detail that the creators have poured into every aspect of their design:
  • The inclusion of double tabs for extra security. 
  • The strategic placement of the Grow Vertical logo, clearly indicating the correct orientation. 
  • Thoughtfully incorporated additional holes to secure the pole to your nursery pot. 
  • Ingenious front slots on the pole that facilitate easy attachment of plants.  
Our stock includes two different sizes: the Propstick Fourty, measuring 400 mm in length and 600 mm in width, and the Propstick Sixty, which boasts dimensions of 600 mm in length and 100 mm in width. Both variants are crafted from a single-piece, Australian-made plastic design.

Furthermore, these poles are equipped with two tab slots to accommodate varying volumes. They are available in two elegant colors: black and clear. The black poles are composed of 90% recycled plastic, sourced from curbside materials. The clear poles, on the other hand, are crafted from non-recycled materials.

We guarantee that you will be thoroughly satisfied with this exceptional product!

*May incur extra shipping charge depending on the order. You will be contacted in this case. 

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All the items I ordered were good quality. Communication and delivery fast and efficient. Will order again!