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Leaf of Faith SA

White Trellis 450mm

White Trellis 450mm

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The white 450mm trellis is a versatile and durable structure designed specifically for supporting the growth of your indoor plant. Crafted from rigid Styrene material, this trellis offers exceptional strength and stability.

Measuring 450mm in length, the trellis provides ample space for plants to spread their foliage and tendrils, allowing them to climb and grow in a controlled and visually appealing manner. The clean white colour of the trellis adds a touch of elegance.

This trellis is widely favoured by gardeners and plant enthusiasts for its functional and aesthetic qualities. It serves as a reliable framework for a variety of climbing plants, such as Pothos plants, Syngoniums and many more.

The white 450mm trellis is easy to use, simply push it into the soil of your indoor plant.

Whether you are a passionate gardener or a casual plant enthusiast, this white 450mm trellis is an ideal choice for enhancing the growth and appearance of climbing plants. It provides a reliable and attractive framework, allowing plants to flourish while adding an elegant touch.

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