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Philodendron Silver Sword*^

Philodendron Silver Sword*^

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Bring a touch of understated elegance to your home with the Philodendron Silver Sword. This easy-to-care-for vining plant boasts stunning sword-shaped leaves with a unique, shimmering silver hue. 

Here's what makes the Philodendron Silver Sword stand out:
Breathtaking foliage: As the name suggests, this philodendron features eye-catching, elongated leaves that transition from a silvery-green to a more pronounced green as they mature. The leaves' interesting shape adds a touch of the unexpected to any room.
Low-maintenance:This philodendron is a great choice for busy plant owners. It thrives in warm, humid environments with indirect light and requires watering only when the soil feels dry to the touch.
Versatile growth habit: The Silver Sword can be enjoyed as a trailing plant or encouraged to climb a moss pole or trellis, allowing you to personalise its look to suit your space.
Warm temperatures
Indirect light
Moist, well-draining soil

Perfect for:
Living rooms
Adding a touch of the tropics to any indoor space

Plant care tips:
Provide a moss pole or trellis for climbing as the plant matures. 
Fertilise occasionally during the growing season.

With its easy care requirements and stunning looks, the Philodendron Silver Sword is a perfect addition to any plant collection. 
Plant in a 9cm pot
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