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leafy™ Acrylic Arch Trellis Iridescent

leafy™ Acrylic Arch Trellis Iridescent

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Transform your botanical haven with leafy™️ Acrylic Arch Trellises from The Leafy Brand. Elevate your indoor plant display with our Iridescent Elegance Trellis, a captivating symphony of shifting colors. Crafted from durable 0.5mm thick acrylics, these trellises provide enduring strength for your green companions.

🌿 Three Distinct Sizes for Every Setting:

- Small (W: 7cm x H: 35cm): Perfect for snug spaces, seamlessly pairs with 7cm-10cm plant pots.
- Medium (W: 10.6cm x H: 40cm): Versatile and adaptable, an ideal match for 10cm-15cm plant pots.
- Large (W: 14.6cm x H: 45cm): Make a grand statement in spacious areas, crafted to complement 15cm-20cm plant pots.

📏 Sizing Guide for a Flourishing Display:
Ensure a perfect fit by reviewing our sizing information and measuring your pot and plant before purchase. When in doubt, size up to provide ample room for your plant to thrive.

🌟 Iridescent Elegance:
Step into an enchanting world where colors dance and shift with every perspective. Our Iridescent Elegance Trellis adds glamour, transforming your home into a botanical wonderland.

🌱 Caring for Your Leafy™️ Acrylic Trellis:
Maintain brilliance by gently wiping the trellis with a clean, soft, damp cloth. Upon delivery, peel off the protective film to reveal the trellis's pristine beauty. Your botanical showcase deserves nothing less than the sophistication and durability of leafy™️ Acrylic Arch Trellises.
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Functional but expensive

Functional but expensive for what it is.