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Growth Technology Foliar Spray 500ml

Growth Technology Foliar Spray 500ml

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Maximize the growth of your favorite plants with GT Foliar, a unique, power-packed foliar spray. Specifically formulated to supercharge your plants with unsurpassed vigor, strength, and yields, this ready-to-use spray has the potential to transform your grower status from good to great. With its ability to target the engine room directly, GT Foliar will help you take your crops to the next level. Try it today and unleash your plants' true potential!

GT Foliar contains:

  • A complete and balanced full mineral profile including chelated trace elements;
  • 20 different types of Amino Acids – the fundamental building blocks for protein synthesis and cell formation
  • 3 types of Kelp – containing naturally occurring auxins, cytokynins and gibberillins
  • Fulvic Acid – the ultimate bio stimulant
  • Silicon – for increased cell strength and vigour
  • Wetting agent – to ensure effective absorption of solution into plant tissue.

By incorporating GT Foliar into your feeding programme you can expect the following potential benefits:

  • Rapid nutrient absorption
  • Correction of stress related deficiencies
  • Increased nutrition during critical periods of growth
  • Faster growth
  • Increased fruit set and yield
  • Improved quality of harvest
  • Maximum plant health
  • Increased pest and disease resistance

Can plants really absorb nutrients through their leaves? 'YES!'

Dr. H.B. Tukey's research in the 1950s definitively proved that plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves. Using radioisotopes, Tukey demonstrated that nutrients could enter through stomata and transcuticular pores and then be transported within the plant to be utilized where needed. This discovery confirmed that plants can indeed absorb nutrients through their leaves.

How do I use GT Foliar?

To use GT Foliar, a ready-to-use spray, simply point and spray it on both sides of the leaves. Apply in low light conditions as a fine mist, avoiding blooms and buds to prevent bud rot. Do not drench the plant, as it may hinder solution absorption. Avoid spraying in excessively hot conditions when stomata are closed to ensure effectiveness.

How often should I use GT Foliar?

Maximize your plants' growth and vitality with GT Foliar! Achieve optimal health and quality by misting your plants 2 to 3 times a week. During periods of active growth, when leaves are most receptive to nutrients, elevate your plant's potential by spraying daily. Nurture your plants to their full potential with our specially formulated GT Foliar spray.

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