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New Zealand Fernwood Tree Fern 2.5L*

New Zealand Fernwood Tree Fern 2.5L*

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Upgrade your gardening experience with our premium 2.5L Tree Fern Fibre! Harvested from native NZ tree ferns, this high-quality, organic material is a must-have for any plant enthusiast or horticulture lover. 

 Key Features:

1. Superior Moisture Retention: Our Tree Fern Fibre has excellent water-holding capacity, ensuring optimal hydration for your plants and promoting healthy root development.

 2. Enhanced Aeration: The fibrous structure of this material facilitates proper air circulation within the soil, preventing waterlogging and encouraging robust growth.

 3.Natural pH Balance: The Tree Fern Fibre maintains a balanced pH level, providing a stable environment for a wide range of plants, including delicate and sensitive species.

 4. Nutrient-rich: Packed with essential nutrients, this fibre acts as a natural fertilizer, slowly releasing beneficial elements to nourish your plants over time. Encourages healthy roots.

 5. Long-Lasting Durability: The sturdy composition of the Tree Fern Fibre ensures it retains its structure and effectiveness for an extended period, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term plant care

 Versatile Applications:

- Perfect for potting mixes, orchid cultivation, terrarium setups, and moss poles.

- Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, including ferns, bromeliads, and epiphytes.

- Ideal for creating a thriving environment for your tropical and exotic plant collections.


Quantity: 2.5 litres of Tree Fern Fibre.

Sustainable Sourcing: Our Tree Fern Fibre is sustainably harvested, promoting eco-friendly practices.

Take your gardening to the next level with our 2.5L Tree Fern Fibre. Order now and provide your plants with the natural care they deserve!

*Quarantine State: No, sorry (WA, NT & TAS).

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