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Leaf of Faith SA

Coarse Pumice 4-20mm 2.5L

Coarse Pumice 4-20mm 2.5L

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Enhance the health and vitality of your plants with our premium horticultural coarse pumice! This porous volcanic rock is the perfect addition to your gardening arsenal. Its excellent drainage properties promote optimal root aeration and prevent waterlogging, ensuring healthier and more resilient plants. The texture of our pumice makes it easy to mix into potting soil or use as a top dressing for succulents, cacti, and other plants. It also aids in preventing soil compaction and offers natural insulation to protect roots from temperature fluctuations. Give your plants the best growing environment they deserve with our high-quality horticultural fine pumice. Order now and experience the difference in plant growth and overall garden success!

*Quarantine State: No, sorry (WA, NT & TAS).

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