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Bighorn Long Blade Trimmer Picker

Bighorn Long Blade Trimmer Picker

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Introducing our high-quality trimmer, perfect for light trimming of foliage and indoor plants. Designed to provide precise and effortless cutting, this trimmer is equipped with top-notch features to ensure optimal performance.

The trimmer boasts high carbon steel blades, known for their exceptional durability and sharpness. These blades have been carefully crafted to offer efficient cutting action, allowing you to trim with ease. With a cutting capacity of 5mm, this trimmer can handle a variety of stems and branches with precision and accuracy.

The high carbon steel blades also ensure long-lasting sharpness and resistance to wear and tear. This material choice guarantees that the trimmer will remain efficient and reliable even after extended use. The blades are designed to make clean cuts, minimising damage to plants and promoting healthy growth.

To provide a comfortable grip and secure handling, the handle of the trimmer is also made from high carbon steel. It features non-slip PVC grips, which not only enhance control but also reduce strain and fatigue during use. The ergonomic design of the handle allows for extended trimming sessions without discomfort.

With a compact size, the trimmer measures 185mm in length, making it ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces and reaching difficult areas. The blade length of 75mm ensures precise trimming, allowing you to achieve the desired shape and look for your plants. The handle length of 110mm provides ample leverage, facilitating smooth and controlled cutting motions.

Whether you're an avid gardener or a plant enthusiast, our trimmer is the perfect tool for maintaining the health and appearance of your foliage. Its high carbon steel blades, comfortable handle grips, and compact design make it an indispensable companion for your trimming needs. Experience effortless and precise cutting with our top-of-the-line trimmer.

  • 20mm stem cutting capacity
  • Blade material - high carbon steel
  • Handel material - high carbon steel with non-slip PVC grips
  • Trimmer ength - 185mm
  • Blade length - 75mm
  • Handle length - 110mm
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