Matching Plants to Your Home's Personality

Finding Your Ficus Friend: Matching Plants to Your Home's Personality (and Lighting!)

We all know that bringing an indoor plant into your home is like welcoming a furry (or not-so-furry) friend. But unlike Fido, plants won't beg for walks or chew the slippers. They do, however, have their own needs and set of preferences – especially when it comes to light and temperament.

So, before you rush out and snag the trendiest houseplant such as Philodendron Pink Princess or your Thai Constellation, let's ensure your leafy partner flourishes in its new digs. Here's how to match the perfect plant to your home's specific environment.
Light Warriors:

• Sun-Kissed Sanctuary: Have a room with big windows that gets planty of morning sunlight? Craving a jungle vibe? Think Snake Plants, Spider Plants, and Golden Pothos. These indoor plants are sun-lovers that love to bask in bright spots. They would love this area and thrive in it.

• Dappled Delights: Low on bright sunlight? Don't despair! Chinese Evergreens, Aglaonemas, and ZZ Plants adore dappled light and shaded corners. Their vibrant foliage adds life to any space.

• Moonlit Mysteries: Even windowless nooks deserve greenery! Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, dark leaved Rubber Plants and Cast Iron Plants are low-light champions, adding a touch of zen to dimly lit areas. Remember, these plants will survive in low light but will not thrive. One way to deal with this, is to buy 3-4 plants and rotate them every month. This way the plant is in a low light corner for only one month. 

Pet-Friendly Pals:
Sharing your home with furry (or feathered) friends? Not all plants are paw-sitively perfect. Opt for cat- and dog-safe favorites like Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, and Air Plants. Remember, even safe plants can cause tummy troubles if ingested, so keep those curious paws and beaks at bay!

Air-Purifying Aficionados:
Worried about city smog and indoor pollutants? Breathe easy with natural air purifiers like Snake Plants, Spider Plants, and Peace Lilies. These leafy heroes filter out toxins and boost indoor air quality, making your home a haven of fresh air.

Bonus Tip: invest in a good quality light-meter such as LTH Meter by Houseplant Journal. This will take out the guess work and help to measure your space's illumination levels. This helps you choose plants that will truly thrive in their designated spots.

Remember, every plant has its own personality. Take the time to understand their needs and match them to your lifestyle. With a little love and the right environment, your leafy companions will reward you with lush foliage and fresh vibes for years to come.

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Happy planting!

P.S. Feeling overwhelmed? Our friendly plant experts are always here to help. Just shoot us a question, and we'll guide you towards your perfect plant partner!
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