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Soilless Soil Mix (Chunky Mix) 2.5L*

Soilless Soil Mix (Chunky Mix) 2.5L*

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A well-draining soil mix for all your indoor plants. Mix consists off, Coco Coir, Pumice (fine & coarse), Super Coarse Perlite, Premium Kiwi Orchid Bark, Horticultural Charcoal, Worm Casting.

  • Coco Coir provides a versatile combination of water retention and natural drainage.
  • Pumice improves soil structure. Loosens heavy soil. It also prevents the soil from compacting even when it's laden with water, therefore improving aeration. Pumice will improve drainage in any kind of soil and help prevent the soil from becoming waterlogged.
  • Perlite can be used on its own for propagating. It's also ideal to be added to a soil mix as it holds moisture and nutrients for slow release and provides great aeration and drainage. Perlite is the name for a naturally occurring siliceous rock. When heated, it has the capacity to expand from four to twenty times its original volume.
  • Orchid Bark is a chunky substrate; hence it keeps the potting mix light and less compact, allowing plenty of air circulation around the plant roots. It will also retain some moisture.
  • Horticultural Charcoal, derived from premium organic materials, this porous charcoal retains moisture, improves drainage, and promotes balanced soil pH. It filters impurities, prevents root rot, and boosts nutrient uptake for healthier plants.
  • Worm castings, or vermicompost, offer several benefits to indoor plants. They provide essential nutrients, improve soil structure, and enhance water retention. The beneficial microorganisms in castings promote healthy roots and disease resistance. They are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

*Quarantine State: No, sorry (WA, NT & TAS).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Soiless mix

Happy with my purchase with Hanadi. I have since made another order.

Awesome chunky mix!!

Reviewed a week after repotting my sad little Monstera Albo. Love this chunky mix, super lightweight and drains extremely well! And on top of that, the owner Hanadi is such a godsend, she answered all my newbie questions so patiently, gave me suggestions on how to raise my baby and even offered to check my Albo's root condition because I was worried about root rot.
Highly recommend this potting mix (the clear pot from her is also very nice), and hope this store gains more recognition. Will definitely keep shopping from her!

Best soil EVER!

Bought this for my unhappy peace lily. She loves it! She showed me how much she loved the soil within 24 hours! Thank you!

Hiam Mehio
Love it

Very happy! Plants have never been healthier!