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Growth Technology Rootzone 250ml

Growth Technology Rootzone 250ml

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Rootzone is a powerful additive designed to enhance plant growth throughout its life cycle. Used alongside nutrients.

  • It improves soil structure, promotes root health, and boosts nutrient uptake. With organic compounds, bio-stimulants, and micronutrients, it strengthens roots and increases resistance to stress.
  • Compatible with various cultivation methods, Rootzone is easy to apply and delivers improved root development, nutrient absorption, and overall plant vigour. It's a versatile solution for maximising plant potential.
  • All you need is 1ml per litre, a bottle making you 250 litres!

"Optimum root growth and health leads to optimum plant growth and health"

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Customer Reviews

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Timothy Barclay
Hang On!

It's a wee bit hard to review something I have not tried.
I've started using Veg, Foliage and General. I can see changes, especially in leaf green veg seedlings. I also use an organic worm liquid. Mixture should cover all growth requirements.